Forskellige undersøgelser om at stå i kø..

Det kan bedst betale sig at holde fokus på at skabe gode kundeoplevelser, men det er også OK, at appellere til kunders forståelse af, at der kan opstå en mindre kø nu og da.. 

FOCUS HANNIBAL KønummersystemRetailers risk losing loyalty as Brits spend 18 hours a year queuing
Visa Contactless study finds 89% of British consumers have left a shop or business as a result of excessive queuing
London, UK – 25 November 2014 – The average Brit spends over 18 hours a year queuing, with local shops, post offices and
supermarkets the worst contributors to the UK ‘queuing culture’, according to stats released today by Visa Contactless.
Critically, over 89% of the 2,000 consumers surveyed have recently left a store as a result of the length of the queue, with two thirds (65%) admitting they’ve visited a rival store straight after in order to get what they need.
“These stats clearly show that consumers are so frustrated by long queues that they’ll go elsewhere rather than face such a long wait,” comments Kevin Jenkins, managing director UK & Ireland at Visa Europe. “Retailers that want to retain business and keep their
customers happy, particularly during the busy Christmas period, should think about introducing methods that are proven to reduce
queuing times, such as contactless payments.”..

BAY SHORE, NY, October 15, 2013 – Retailers need to up their game when it comes to self-service checkouts – that is according to the results of a new consumer survey from queue management and customer journey specialist Tensator. The study has revealed that one in three shoppers (out of nearly 400 polled) have walked out of a store without buying the goods they intended to because of a bad experience with a self-service checkout. With a staggering 84% of those questioned admitting to needing staff assistance when using a self-service, it is hardly surprising that nearly60% of customers actually prefer using more traditional staffed checkouts…

Udvikling i andel af utilfredse køkunder (2005-2012)


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Jun 2, 2014, The Kroger Co.’s subsidiary, Ralphs (Grocery Company), implemented Queue Management solution as part of an over-arching corporate mission to improve service delivery by reducing wait times at the checkout. Ralphs, like its parent Kroger, branded the system “QueVision.”

The system uses a combination of unobtrusive thermal image sensors and analytics to optimize staffing levels at the front end. Based on the number of people in the store, it determines how many cashiers should be staffed now – and predicts how many cashiers will be needed in 15 minutes and 30 minutes – to achieve a predetermined service level.

“It works very well,” Ralphs spokeswoman Kendra Doyel said in a recent interview with the San Bernardino County Sun. “It uses a very in-depth algorithm to determine how many people we have at a register now and how many we’ll need later. We implemented Queue Management in the Kroger family of stores some time ago and we’ve had it at Ralphs for about two years.”

The deployment of Queue Management has reduced wait times from an average of four minutes to less than 30 seconds across the Kroger family of stores. In addition to improving retail customer service, it has also earned Kroger major industry recognition – The Kroger Co.’s faster checkout initiative was recently ranked No. 3 among the InformationWeek Elite 100 listing of the top business technology innovators in the United States…

Vi har flere leverandører i forhold til styring af kø og kasser, og vægter højt, at vælge det produkt/den leverandør, der bedst passer til behovet/kunden.

Baseret på tidligere installationer i og udenfor Danmark, og med den rigtige størrelse butik/kæde, er ROI (investeringens tilbagebetalingsperiode) < 12 måneder.
Gevinsterne ved indføring af køkontrol er bl.a.
– tidsbesparelse (personalet)
– reduktion i omkostninger til personale og administration
– stigning i servicegrad og fald i kundeklager
– stigning i kundestrøm og salg

ROI er set helt ned til 5 og 8 måneder.

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